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Our intent at Bridge Academy is to give every young person the opportunity to learn practically about art, craft and design and make art creativity accessible for all. We aim to encourage students to extend, explore and expand their creative thinking and problem solving skills, to inspire students by introducing them to artists, craftspeople, designers and movements in art. We study a variety of art made across different time periods, cultures, and countries, broadening student knowledge and understanding.

 Our journey begins in year 7 with an introduction to materials and techniques. In years 8 and 9 students continue to develop different skills and experiment with their creative ideas, investigating artists both on and off site to prepare our students to undertake an Arts Award Qualification. At the end of year 9 students have the choice to continue with Art or Textiles. 

Our progress is measured through formative assessment throughout half-termly projects. We aim for every student to leave Bridge Academy with not only a qualification in Art, but also an appreciation of the arts through a sense of enjoyment and wellbeing. Our students develop independent thinking skills through the promotion of self-directed study, which is a great transferable skill for not only the art craft and design industry, but also other sectors.  


Art Progression Document