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Trust Careers Advisor


Chloe Batchelor has over 17 years Industry experience, working in many different sectors including Government, Manufacturing, Hospitality and Aerospace. She has worked with Apprentices and Work Experience Candidates, assisting in their knowledge of the company and training.  She brings with her a wealth of industry knowledge and contacts who are keen to join the Trusts Mentoring Scheme, Friends of Stephenson Trust.  She is a qualified Mental Health First Aider and is passionate about helping students develop their potential and have a future regardless of the challenges they may face, while building self-esteem and a I-can-do-this attitude.

As a Trust we work with a number of local further education providers, apprenticeship providers and local, national and international employers to encourage our young people to have high aspirations for their future. 

We also work with a wide range of employers to offer talks, mentoring and experiences of work to inspire our learners, give a greater understanding about the world of work and to develop employability skills.

Careers education is delivered across the curriculum and students are invited to take part in lots of different and interesting visits to skills fairs, careers workshops and events such as careers carousels.

In line with the new statutory guidance for careers published in January 2018 there is in place a new careers vision for the Trust and a two year action plan to achieve this. We believe that all young people should receive personalised advice and guidance to support them to choose post 16 / post 18 path and career that is right for them.

We actively encourage and welcome outside agencies, employers and education & training providers to come and meet with our students and believe that all interactions of this kind can help our students to gain a wider understanding of their options and the labour market. These positive and meaningful encounters encourage our students to consider new ideas which can help to raise their aspirations. Please contact our Careers Adviser to make arrangements for this.

Careers Adviser