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Vision and Mission


‘Building Brighter Futures’

Our clear purpose is to make a long lasting difference to our students’ lives, guiding and supporting them to find their own pathway to becoming happy, productive and successful members of society.


In Bridge Academy our students are supported in a safe, nurturing and aspirational environment. Our dynamic trauma informed staff offer a holistic approach, giving access to our broad, fully inclusive and differentiated curriculum.

We strive to ensure that both staff and students have:

  • Good physical health
  • Good emotional health
  • Strong educational principles
  • Employment – purposeful and lasting
  • Healthy relationships in all areas of life
  • A social conscience

We provide:

An Environment which is safe, welcoming, stimulating, friendly, nurturing, motivational, aspirational, predictable and sensory aware.

A Staff group who are respectful, empathic, understanding, friendly, adaptable, thoughtful, trained, informed, diverse, dynamic, approachable, patient and kind.

A Curriculum that is aspirational, stimulating, inclusive, broad, dynamic, differentiated and individualised.