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 Our intent at Bridge Academy is to give every young person the opportunity to learn practically about the world we live in. From space to plants, to our own body; science is all around us and our aim is to explore this both in the classroom and out on the school grounds.

Our journey begins in year 7 with foundational science topics to then prepare our students to undertake their Science Entry Level Qualification in years 8 and 9. At the start of year 10 students begin their GCSE qualification in Combined Science which covers all three sciences (Physical, Biology and Chemistry) to sit their final exams in the summer of year 11. 

We aim for every student to leave Bridge Academy with a qualification in Science, whether it is their Entry Level or GCSE or both in many cases. These are desirable for college courses, continuing in our Post-16 provision, and for CV’s on apprenticeship applications.






Science Progression Document - Procedural Knowledge

Science Progression Document - Declarative Knowledge