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Sexual violence and Sexual Harassment

Sexual violence and sexual harassment can occur between children of any age and sex, it may be between two children or a group. Sexual violence and sexual harassment exist on a continuum and it may overlap with other issues that are displayed or concerns we have, they can occur online and face to face, it is never acceptable and all staff must maintain an attitude of ‘it could happen here’.

Staff must realise that not all pupils will feel that they are a victim or perpetrator and the use of terminology is key when addressing need with pupils. An understanding of the pupils experiences and knowledge must be addressed by the delivering staff to ensure that any possible triggers are dealt with and pupils are given choice to attend group sessions or access additional support.

The planned curriculum is a whole school approach, PSHE including RSE complementing school policies and initiatives, is most effective for our cohort and prepares pupils for life in modern Britain. The programme is built to be developed to be age appropriate, whilst also taking account pupils previous experience. We will teach;

  • healthy and respectful relationships
  • role model respectful behaviour
  • consent
  • stereotyping and equality
  • body confidence and self esteem
  • prejudiced behaviour
  • what sexual violence and sexual harassment is and why it is wrong, including the legalities
  •  addressing cultures of sexual harassment
  • being safe