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Students' Page

All students at Bridge Academy are on the SEN register at school action plus, a very small minority have a statement of special educational needs or Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP). We believe that all students are individual however their needs arise through a combination of factors related to social, emotional or medical issues and through the addressing these issues and creating a community with clear expectations and consistently applied boundaries we can help the students in our care reach their full potential. We must prepare the students well for the challenges of living in the wider community once they leave the support of the school; therefore any positive impact must be long term and permanent. Through learning appropriate behaviour we believe students will:

  • Be able to develop successful and long-term relationships and have a fulfilling family life, eventually leading to being a successful and capable parent
  • Achieve academically and gain the qualifications to be able to gain a college placement or job related to their interests and ambitions
  • Maintain any job or college place over the long term
  • Contribute positively to the community of the Academy
  • Deal with the challenges of life rationally and thoughtfully reducing the likelihood of offending
  • Be able to consider actions and consequences so helping the student stay safe
  • Be able to reflect on their actions and make different choices so requiring less support in later life as the student becomes more independent.