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All students and families have access to qualified therapeutic and family support staff. On our team we have the following professions: Psychologists (Marie and Louise), Psychological Therapists; Advanced Psychodynamic Counsellor; Arts Psychotherapists; Arts Counsellors; Social Worker; Family Support Worker; a trainee Forensic Psychologist and Assistant Psychologists. We are qualified professionals able to provide a range of interventions at a number of levels, including: 

  • Direct work with young people
  • Systemic interventions with families
  • Advice and training
  • Joint work with other agencies

 As an Academy, we are in a unique position to promote well-being and good mental health. We believe it is important to create an environment that encourages well-being and resilience and we have developed therapeutic provision as a key part of this.

 A range of interventions at a family, school and individual level are available dependent on need. Successful interventions in school will focus on positive behaviour and group interventions, combining instructional strategies with behavioural management, for example teaching social and emotional skills such as conflict resolution and problem-solving.

 We offer psychological therapies for individuals or groups (e.g. CBT, psychotherapies) as the primary intervention for mental health or conduct problems, as they have a strong evidence base. This is to reduce aggressive behaviour, increase pro-social interactions, and ensure that our pupils feel they have a safe space to speak to a trusted and trained therapist if they feel they would benefit from this.

We also offer dyadic therapy which provides effective help at a family level for a range of difficulties. Dyadic therapists are trained and experienced in mobilising the resources of families that have reached an impasse.

At Academy level

We have dedicated and renovated therapeutic rooms in each centre across the Trust, with bookable space. From Spring 2022, the therapeutic team will be based in our new therapeutic centre at Stephenson Academy, complete with fully equipped and comfortable rooms for group work, art therapy and counselling.